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Providence Intelligence Through Foresight (ITF) is a firm with global reach that concentrates on providing a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy, training and products within high level covert surveillance for allied governments.

ITF have developed a broad range of specialist technical solutions including a number of unique solutions that have been designed to overcome many challenges within covert surveillance with a specialist customer base and global offices.






Tac-Up BV produces, develops and supplies unique Counter Terrorism products for Police, Military and Government customers. Tac-Up focuses on delivering you solutions for your specific needs. Next to a selection of (semi) standard products we will gladly make or customize products that will help you in your challenging operations.



Quintel Intelligence Ltd provides clients with tailored solutions to the security concerns they face daily. The client base rests with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and large corporations  and pedigree as a unique player in the intelligence and security industry with an unusually wide range of skills.

Quintel will ensure a full understanding of the project and time constraints before providing a solution and undertaking our tasks.

Working on a worldwide scale with  global  representative offices in the USA, Australia, Middle East and Africa.


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