Counter Threat Products

We supply a range of specialist innovative products at the cutting-edge of technology with our partners Tac -Up BV

Nano_UAVlogo-tac-up-nieuw2-300x118Our global reach, in conjunction with our extensive research and development department identifies technical products that are operationally tested and fit for our clients. Due to continually commercial watch we ensure our products are leading edge solutions that are proven and effective.

CTS  prides itself on providing solutions which go far beyond the industry benchmark. Due to first hand experience and our extensive technical background we are able to modify, integrate and enhance existing products to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’.


Scimitar_TacticalThroughout all purchases our businesses add multiple layers of value through consultancy, technical support and excellent customer service.

We pride our self on a cost effective procurement chain as our global reach allows us to provide a better value service to our clients.



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