Manual MOE Range

Innovation for Method of Entry (MOE) and breaching techniques for specialist operators

The Tac-Enforcer is a unique door breaching tool that is completely designed by former SWAT/SF operators




The Tac-Enforcer is currently available in two sizes. Next to these      two sizes we have  designed the Tac-Enforcer completely to match the customers specific operational requirements




The Tac-Hammer is a must have for any tactical team (military/police).

Tac-hammer-300x201 The unique design of this tool makes it extremely multinational in various tactical  operations.

The Tac-Hammer is made of special hardened steel and can breach doors, windows, car  windows etc.





The Tac-Rake is a unique breaching tool which is designed to gain access through windows and capable of dealing with every type of glass (single, safety, laminated and isolated glass)



  • More weight then other window breaching tools in the market
  • Special extra hardened steel
  • No hooks on the front side (to avoid getting stuck into the window)
  • Designed for fast and easy removing of all the glass

The Tac-Rake is available in a short and long version (special lengths available on request)



FocusThe Tac-focus concentrates energy exactly on the spot where a conventional door ram alone cannot reach. Creating a greater effect with less force results in a safe and more effective breach. The Tac-focus can be used with any Tac-Up range of single operated door ram, however to match the Tac-focus perfectly Tac-up had developed a small and light door ram. Together this is a compact combination for the specialist team of operators.







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