The Hybrid Solution

“Innovation to Counter Emerging Threats”

hybridCounter Threat Solutions (CTS), together with other industry subject matter experts (SME’s) in the explosive engineering, Counter-IED training and Intelligence domains, have developed a pioneering new concept for predicting and dealing with the full spectrum of threats present on Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist operations. The ‘Hybrid Solution’ is based on the well proven F3EAD cycle and integrates a range of sophisticated intelligence, targeting and technological capabilities to achieve demonstrable effect against IED and other emerging threats.



CTS have entered into strategic partnerships with Tac-Up, Explosive Risk Management (ERM), CPN  Tracking and Search and explosive Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) which is fused together with high level J2 from Quintel Intelligence to develop this pioneering new concept.

Counter Threat Solutions UKThe ‘Hybrid Solution’ will follow the well executed and proven targeting cycle of F3EAD, a procedure which has revolutionised COIN operations. The F3EAD cycle provides the overarching structure for the holistic approach to countering hybrid threats relating to the specific threat from the IED. The application of the F3EAD cycle to the IED threat provides a complete solution offered by the strategic partnership of specialist companies and industry experts. The process is continuous and evolving as the threat continues to evolve and will encompass the following strands of the F3EAD cycle:



Counter Threat Solutions UK