IED Training Aids


IED Training Aids

All of our training devices are truly improvised and are exact INERT copies of current IEDs deployed throughout the world. We believe that all counter terrorist and IEDD training must reflect the current threat and therefore all of our training devices are continually updated with the latest devices encountered worldwide in a homeland security environment, or on deployed operations in conflict zones.IEDD_Training_Aids

We are able to replicate any IED deployed or recovered from either a picture or description as all of our IED Training Aids are manufactured by former IED Operators skilled in both device construction and render safe procedures. This allows devices to be manufactured for any training requirement or any scenario from awareness training to in depth immersive counter threat training programs.




ViszimVizsim is an interactive training simulator to provide realistic scenarios when training. Focusing on safety, realism, economics and environment, the system has been developed using light, audio and smoke generators. The system, ranging from small mobile units to large installations, enhances realism in battle training and helps prepare the Operator for field missions.



Mines and Munitions Training Aids

In line with the modern use of munitions as a main charge in IEDs, we have a range of munitions manufactured for this role that replicate main charges from mortars to artillery shells. Our items are manufactured from a wide variety of materials and professionally finished. They can be used for EOD / Demining training or for any counter threat training where munitions and weapon systems and mines are required to set the scene for other training or be used in immersive training programs and courses.Mines_And_Munitions

As with our IED Training Aids, we are able to make replica weapon systems, improvised weapon systems and mortar systems in addition to items such as 107 and 122mm rockets or improvised rocket systems seen in conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq.


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