Management Team

Stephen T……… – Counter Threat Solutions Ltd

Stephen is the founding director of Counter Threat Solutions and brings 25 years of experience in defence and security operations with government agencies and commercial groups. An early engineering career which developed into specialist units and organisations with focus on actionable dynamic intelligence

He leverages years of relevant surveillance and special operations experience to deliver operational tradecraft, covert operations and counter terrorism training that is precisely adapted to meet client requirements in a given threat-environment.  His analysis and assessments of operational situations (and the freedoms and constraints presented by certain situations) have become the benchmark of training, consultancy and awareness that we seek to deliver across CTS broad syllabus of packages.  This work is based on Stephen’s hard-won operational experience and also his time as a Senior Security Advisor multinational to media organisations and the International Federation of Journalists.  He has gained an uncanny knack for making rapid, accurate assessments and critical judgment calls to provide security in hot spots such as Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank and Liberia.

On successive projects and commitments, Stephen has programme managed outstanding technical and physical surveillance training through in-depth personal knowledge, focused operational insight, prudent budget management and a robust framework of health and safety risk assessments.  His present focus is on seamlessly fusing the disciplines of physical,  technical and covert operations management in order to improve the inputs to and outputs of the intelligence cycle.  Highly experienced in this field from his military service, Stephen now also leverages at senior board level, eight years of commercial security and defence experience in support of CTS global projects and operations.

As a natural entrepreneur, he is also the founding director of Quintel Intelligence Ltd and Providence Global and owner of Tac-Up. All three  are very successful companies which he assisted in the business development, profitable growth and global reach within their specialist sectors.



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