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We offer a broad range of consultancy to organisations within the public sector and specialise countering threat and mitigating risk that meet client requirements.

PC1Our combined specialist team leverages many years of safely working in environments where risk needs to calculated and managed allowing for maximum performance. CTS provide tailor-made consultancy, training services and product procurement to agencies, this is based on in- depth knowledge, unbiased evaluation and the incorporation of unique expert knowledge of the industry.


Case Study 1

“Our client was being pursued for damages in excess of £5 million pounds by a third party alleging extreme slanderous and destructive business accusations in the High Court”

Conventional SurveillanceCTS task was to implement intelligence gathering operation in order to explore the root and cause of the slanderous allegations towards our client. A full intelligence team deployed over a contracted period and the findings concluded that a family feud was responsible for orchestrating slanderous allegations in order to destroy the business interests of our client, thus factually proving to be the overall intent against our client.
The case went to the High Court and the evidential findings from CTS were presented by our clients defence lawyers. The Judge threw the case out with no damages negotiated or awarded in favour of our client due to the evidence presented.


Case Study 2

“Counter Threat Solutions was tasked by an allied Special Forces unit to assist and develop and deliver HECPO training for operational troops”

PC2CTS supplied an “in country” Mobile Training Team (MTT) in order to train 20 operators for a 4 week delivery. All instructors were ex-United Kingdom Special Forces and have proven operational experience within Close Protection, both from the military and working in extremely volatile areas protecting Government VIP’s.


Close protection in hostile environments is considerably different from operating in relatively safe environments and involves training in different protection techniques. This includes evasive driving skills and a reliable use of firearms which are essential to you and your client’s security. Providence staff developed TTP’s for industry and our ex UK Special Forces personnel have created a tailor- made Hostile Environment Close Protection training course (SF- HECPO).

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Training covered advanced medical skills, advanced driving skills, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), unarmed combat, situational awareness and training to be confident with all firearms. We guarantee that this course is the most extensive and in-depth available – preparing you for any situation whilst protecting your clients in any hostile environment.



We can work with clients to deliver this training in a location of their choosing by deploying our Mobile Training Team.

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