Specialist Consultancy

Picture17CTS and partners provide a tailor-made consultancy service to defence and government which is based on skillful listening, unbiased evaluation and the incorporation of unique training methods. This service can be delivered at our discreet facility in rural Herefordshire or at a location of our client’s choosing by our globally-deployable Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Combined, we offer an array of courses to enhance counter hybrid threat training including counter terrorism and specialist operator training. All of our course programs are tailor-made and have been developed to ensure that the intended learning outcomes are delivered against an operational context. Our trainers leverage unrivaled experience in the field to ensure that all tuition is realistic, fit for purpose and specifically customised to meet individual client requirements.

Special Projects

Special Projects comprises of a team of highly trained and experienced personnel, enabling tailor-made solutions to be delivered in a short time frames.

Picture8Counter Threat Training Programs

CTS and partners design and deliver specialist training programs for allied nations to combat terrorism for national stability. Our programs are tailored and relevant to current trends of network tactics. Together we bring together the full capability derived from the tried and tested cycle for defeating terrorism (F3EAD). Our training teams come from specialist units and are subject matter experts in their own fields.

With expert insight into specialist military operations in COIN and CT environments we apply our unique collective understanding and experience to the political and military challenges faced by allied governments and their leadership

Commercial Watch

Together we have unrivaled access to specialist industry experts on a global scale. This allows for efficient capability identification on behalf of the client. Operational experience allows our businesses to target relevant niche suppliers in a short time frame, whilst keeping clients involved at all times.

Project Delivery

Scimitar_TacticalWe have vast experience of management, risk reduction and delivery of projects to the specialist user community. By taking the “End User” industry approach of combining technical and operational considerations, the client can be rest assured that all aspects will be considered from initial requirement capture to product delivery.



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